No other form of exercise has such a remarkable effect on the body’s natural healing powers.


I began my yoga journey over 20 years ago when I attended my first yoga class. I was intrigued by the idea that there was more to yoga than just the postures (asana). It was this aspect that drew me in and still fascinates me to this day.

I now know that there are so many benefits, both physical and mental, to be gained not just through the actual physical practice but also through yoga philosophy.

Wonderful books I have read on the subject such as: “Light On Yoga”, by BKS Iyengar and “The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” are full of amazing wisdom completely relevant to our lives today .

Since that first class of all those years ago, yoga slowly and surely became the huge part of my life that it is today.  It has had an enormously positive affect not just on myself, but on those around me.

I feel very lucky to have benefited in so much from studying with some great teachers over the years.  Wonderful asana teachers like David Swenson,  John Scott, David Willliams and David Collins.  And inspiring philosophy teachers, primarily Marianne Jacuzzi, whose understanding of knowledge of the history of yoga and the spiritual aspects of the practice is extraordinary and profound.  I am still learning and always will be – the more I discover, the more I want to know. I most recently had the privilege to study with the gifted Kathy Cooper, Gregor Maehle and Monica Gauci, all of  whom embody yoga.

I love to pass on what I can in my classes, where I hope that my love of, and passion for yoga shines through.

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When the body feels good and energetic, it stimulates the body boosting our immune systems. No other form of exercise has such a remarkable effect on the body’s natural healing powers.


By controlling the breath you can increase your energy levels, alertness and clarity of mind and gain an overall feeling of wellbeing.


The slow controlled movements of yoga – combined with effective breathing which oxygenates the blood helps to generate and store energy in the body.


Yoga unlike other forms of exercise works each and every single muscle in the body, toning on the outside while massaging your organs.


Each posture improves circulation in different areas. This can aid in the treatment of anxiety, depression and other such illnesses. Calming – The controlled breathing and steady movements of yoga relax the mind.


Every movement in yoga requires the participation of the conscious mind. All thoughts and distractions are suppressed to achieve these postures, which makes them great mental as well as physical exercise.


Bad posture is responsible for many common health complaints, including spinal problems such as backache, fatigue due to poor circulation and neck problems, poor muscle tone, flatulence and constipation.